Marie Otero Photography

Perfect Poise

Dressed in Red

Blue Moves

Sophisticated Lady

Purple Dance

Lady In Red

Crystal Christmas

Butterflies in Red

Pretty Woman

Red Feathers

Long Red

Aerial Stripes


Night Siren

Butterfly Dreams

An Unlikely Sitting Room


About Time

A Touch of Red

Girl and A Chair

Abandoned Love

Just a Black Hat


A Fairy Dress

Pink Sands

A Living Garden

Painted body by Amber Michael Model Victoria Singleton Photographer Marie Otero

Bird of Paradise

The Passage of Light

Macro still life of a rose, painted with light.

Hallgrimskirkja Ceiling Abstract

Abstracted pattern from a shot of the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral ceiling in Iceland.

Purple Dancer

Bee and Butterfly


Cherries Red


Renaissance Man

Renaissance Fair entertainer, Charlotte, NC


Hot air balloon in flight.

Soft Elegance

Lovely Light

Flanders Poppies


Cowboy Muster

North Carolina Rodeo dudes doing their thing.

Ballet Shoes 2

Ice Blue

Glacial Lagoon, Iceland.

Venetian Morning

Pink Sky Blue Berg

Fireman's Portrait

Dunguaire Castle

Dublin City Sunrise to Sunset

Tower Bridge

Sunflower Face

Faded Glory

Ballet Shoes

St Stephens Swans

Old Ford

Venetian Blue

Sunflower Faces

Sunflower field, Germany.

Model Dream

Pretty and Pink

Irish Castle

Eye Spy

The London Eye, England, UK

Athlone Ireland

Spring Fling

Grass on the Fly

Snippets of weed from sand and shore, Mullaloo Beach, Perth, Western Australia


Old rusty car, Long Island, NY


Candid image from Mullaloo Beach, Perth, Western Australia


Venetian Carnival Mask

A Sculptured Dive

Sculpture at Blackpool, UK

Lake Norman Mist

Men In Morocco

Cone Flower


Fashion Butterfly

The Shape of Dance

Converse Sneakers

Sands Of Time

Beach Sculpture

Blackpool Night Train

Beach View

Folly Beach Hotel

Fancy Fliers

Exhibition fliers at Winston Salem Airshow

Spring On The Mosel

Spring On The Mosel

Swinging High

English Barn Owl

English Barn Owl

Wood Nymph

Lady In Red

Red Gerbera

Chartreuse and Rose

Carnivale Venice 2012

Petal Perfection

Adare Ireland

Lotus Dream

West Neck Beach

Near Sunset at West Neck Beach, Long Island, NY.

Monzelfeld Sunset Otero

Moonlight Dance

Aerial Dancer

Aerial Dancer Pink

Supermoon Fantasy

Aerial Light

Pink Leap

Belly Dance Pair

Pink Tutu

Lillies and Feathers

Red and Yellow


A Pretty Peacock

Soft Light

Fallen Angel

Fluid Dance

Boudoir Friends

Swiss Peace - Lake Geneva

Shades of Her Soul

The Red Dress

Underwater Dream

Spring's Dream

Girl with Peony

Speak No Lies

Sunset at Point Joe

Flower Fairy

Big Sur Sunset

Icelandic Color

Pretty In Pink

Girl On A Couch

Alter Intricate

The Violinist

Mauve Dream

The Carpenter

Morning Light

Gone With The Wind

Golden Blue

Hallow Queen

Girl with Raven

Barrel Racer

Raven Queen

Girl and Her Sax'

Gossamer Dance

All About Red

Starlight Dance

Minding The Herd

Blue Eyes


Balloon Passage

Dark Beauty

Just a Blue Bird

Colors of the Night

King of The Serengeti

Wildebeest's Gathering

Serengeti Mother and Child

Perth Night Lights

Locks of Love

Red White and Blue

Golden Skies

Sunset at Fremantle Harbor

Pink on Blue

Raven and Red

Snow Queen

Pretty in Pink

Body Painted

Body painting by Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco, Living Art Tennessee.

Sea Siren

Trio of Poses - Illustrated

Ethereal Dreamer

Lady of The Lake

Ethereal Dreamer

Enchantress of Oceans

Folly Sunrise

Field of Dreams

Pretty and Pink

Garden of Eden

Sea Dreams

Star Warrior

Moon Dance

Dream Rider

She rides her dreams through star glazed light Untamed Swift and fleet.. The sparks of her imagination lead the way…. (Marie Otero)

Winged Dreamer

Serengeti Majesty

Blue Eyes

Family Matters

Maid in White

Black Magic

Regal White

Perfect Poise

Dune Dreamer

Treasured Gold

Tangerine Dream

July 4th

Iceland Blue

Soul Keeper

A tribute to a friend of mine who recently passed away.

Australian Blue

Fantasy In White

Nefertiti - The Beauty Has Come

Dark Beauty

French White

Elegance in Pink

The Blue Dress

Natural Light

Fields of Gold

Lilith Rises

Faere Lass

"A Faere Lass"... sits by the shore, Her wings and dreams to rest...

Black and Peacock Blue

All Hallows Maid

Ethereal Blue

Dancer's Dream

Gossamer Dreams

Rennaisance Woman

Leap Forward


Agent Provocateur

By The Light of the Silvery Moon


Of Wings and Dreams

Electric Blue

Renaissance Dream

La Dance en Rouge

Spinning Dreams

Heart's Leap

Dancer's Dream

Glamour Girl

Frisson of White

Black on Red