Marie Otero Photography

Faere Lass

"A Faere Lass"... sits by the shore, Her wings and dreams to rest...

Lilith Rises

Angel's Reverie


Autumn's Queen

Fantasy In White

Celestial Dream

Soul Keeper

A tribute to a friend of mine who recently passed away.

Black Magic

The Black Queen

Digital composite from images shot in my studio and on location in Ireland.

Butterfly Dreams

Star Warrior

Graveyard Shift

Enchantress of Oceans

Caught in the Storm

Flower Fairy

Night Siren

Moon Dance

Moon Dancer

Fallen Angel

Black Bird Queen

Harvest Moon Harp

Wave Watcher

Wave Watcher - a Gold award winning Altered Reality image.

An Unlikely Sitting Room

Speak No Lies

Sea Siren

Shape and Being

Tiptoe Home

Red Storm

Mauve Moonlight

Collecting Lost Things

Digital Art


Underwater Dream


Abandoned Love

Girl with Peony

Lovely Light

Boudoir Friends

The Harpist

Spring Fling

Life and Love

Digital Art Composite

Stream of Thought

Nu Statue otero

Peacock Dancer

Doing Time

Creative work using images shot at the Philadelphia State Penitentiary and a Model shoot. Model, Hunter Evans, Makeup Whitney Mears

Daydream Believing

Digital Art

The Golden Hour

Digital Art

Passing Through

Digital Composite.

Freedom Of Thought

Fractured Thought

Digital Composite

Dancing In The Wood

Digital Composite, Fine art.

Tree of Thought

Fantasy In Blue

Full Moon Magic

The Lady and Her Bird


Renaissance Grunge

Grunge painting Renaissance Fair character.

Beach Muse

Charlotte Fractal

Venetian Orbs

Umbrella Star

Created from a bad umbrella shot!

St Stephens Swans

Window To the World

La Chappelle de la Madeleine

Flanders Poppies

Mint Spiral

Viktory Dancer Painted

Gone With The Wind

Charleston Window Box

Charleston Window Box

Hallow Queen

Summer Moon

Raven Queen

Abandoned Dreams

The Carpenter

Hallgrimskirkja Ceiling Abstract

Abstracted pattern from a shot of the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral ceiling in Iceland.

Pink Sands


Crystal Christmas

Starlight Dance

Girl On A Bench


Balloon Passage

Raven and Red

Snow Queen

Ethereal Dreamer

Field of Dreams

Garden of Eden

Sea Dreams

Dream Rider

She rides her dreams through star glazed light Untamed Swift and fleet.. The sparks of her imagination lead the way…. (Marie Otero)

Winged Dreamer

Apples Galore

The Long Road Home

Flame Keepers

Paint and Feathers

Mauve Lilly Dream

Maid in Mauve

The Forlorn Dreamer

White Swan

Magic in Her Hands

A Little Magic In The Air

Hold On Time

Shall We Dance?


Ribbons and Dreams

Wood Nymph

Abandoned Dream

By The Light of the Silvery Moon

Of Wings and Dreams

Pastel Dreams

Lady in Waiting

Mid Summers Night's Dream

Lady of The Lake

Phoenix Rising

Moonlight Dance

The Pied Piper

The Longing

Tutu Pink


Solitude's Dream

Pretty in Pink

A Painted Lady

Painted Lady 2

Marvelous Moondance

Winter's Queen

Celestial Dreamer

Moonlit Serenade

Still Waters

Of Wings and Things

Venetian Queen