Marie Otero Photography

Flower Fairy

Butterflies in Red

Pretty Woman

Girl and Her Sax'

All About Red

Long Red

Red Feathers

Aerial Stripes

Girl with Raven

Mauve Dream

Purple Dance

Purple Dancer

Belly Dance Pair

Pink Leap

Winter Queen

Speak No Lies

A Fairy Dress

Wood Nymph


Pink and Ink

Bird of Paradise

Butterfly Dreams

An Unlikely Sitting Room

Boudoir Friends

Pink and Ink

Pink Sands

Gone With The Wind

Soft Light


A Living Garden

Painted body by Amber Michael Model Victoria Singleton Photographer Marie Otero

Hallow Queen

Raven Queen

Moon Dancer

Viktoria Ballerina

The Black Queen

Prom Dream

Shades of Each Other

Spring's Dream

Model Dream

Flapper Girl


Model Blue

American Photo Model Shoot, Atlanta 2013

Lady In Red

About Time

A Touch of Red

A Pretty Peacock

Dancing In The Wood

Digital Composite, Fine art.

Gotham Girl

Vision In White

Glamour Girl

The Red Dress

Tiptoe Home

Jenna Posed

Fashion Butterfly

The Shape of Dance

Gatsby Girl

Clown Faced

The Girl & The Chair


Viktoria on Water 3

Lotus Dream

Shades of Her Soul

The Violinist

Girl and A Chair


Complex Couple

Lovely Light

Mud Maiden

Red Dream

Nu Statue otero

Gossamer Dance

Black Bird Queen

Shades of Pink

Abandoned Love

Girl with Peony

Viktoria Ballerina

Vik Tory Profile


Fluid Dance


Elegant Viktoria

A Red Hat

Viktoria Classic

Soft Elegance

Circle of Beauty

Pink Tutu

Just a Black Hat

Moonlight Dance

Supermoon Fantasy

Underwater Dream

Fallen Angel

Night Siren

Aerial Light


Peacock Dancer

Fling of Freedom

Petite Dancer


Red and Yellow

Olga In Profile

Jersey Red

Cirque Girls


Carnivale Red & Black




Pretty In Pink

Girl On A Couch

Summer Moon

Crystal Christmas

Starlight Dance

Blue Eyes



Dark Beauty

Lillies and Feathers

Red White and Blue

Raven and Red

Pink on Blue

Snow Queen

Pretty in Pink

Body Painted

Body painting by Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco, Living Art Tennessee.

Sea Siren

Trio of Poses - Illustrated

Ethereal Dreamer

Lady of The Lake

Ethereal Dreamer

Enchantress of Oceans

Moon Dance


Dream Rider

She rides her dreams through star glazed light Untamed Swift and fleet.. The sparks of her imagination lead the way…. (Marie Otero)

A Floured Leap

Lady In Red

Blue Eyes

Maid in White

The Black Queen

Digital composite from images shot in my studio and on location in Ireland.

Black Magic

Black Gloves and a Fan

Regal White

Perfect Poise

Red Lips

Dune Dreamer

Tangerine Dream

Celestial Dream

Blue Moves

Fantasy In White

An Elegant Pose

Tulle Wrapped

Nefertiti - The Beauty Has Come

Dark Beauty

French White

Elegance in Pink

The Blue Dress

Flame Keepers

Natural Light

Black and Peacock Blue

Sophisticated Lady

All Hallows Maid

Autumn's Queen

Portrait of a Woman

Sirens of the Sea

Grecian Dream

Dressed in Red

Golden Girl

Perfect Poise

Sweet Dream


Ethereal Blue

Fey Queen 2

Red Slander

Black Hat and Gloves

Gossamer Dreams

Scissor Hands

Mistress in Mauve

After The Love Has Gone

Long and Tall

Leap Forward

Beauty and Grace

Blue and Red

Agent Provocateur

Blue Eyes





Girl On a Balcony

To Dance to Dream

Girl At The Window

Dancer's Dream

The Abandoned Dream



A Painted Lady

Pretty in Pink

Nirmala in Feathers

Glamour Girl

Frisson of White

Black on Red